What we do

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CIE creates global networks of institutional investors that enable better investment outcomes by sharing insight on new investment opportunities, best practice portfolio construction and risk management techniques.

The role of the Centre for Investor Education (CIE) is to assist superannuation funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and statutory funds (together “Institutional Investors”), asset consultants and other industry participants (together “Funds Industry”) achieve their objectives. In doing so, CIE designs and delivers strategic investment forums for key decision makers within the Australian superannuation and pension fund industry globally.

CIE’s investment forums are designed to challenge thinking and provide unique perspectives for executives, senior staff and decision makers within the Institutional Investor community, facilitating the delivery of better outcomes for members, constituents and stakeholders. Delegates attending CIE investment forums are the key decision makers of Institutional Investor bodies and entities operating in the financial services market.

CIE’s investment forums program combines rich learning opportunities with focused networking. Its forums are tailored to meet the specific needs of discrete groups of delegates by providing access to information, thought leading speakers and global networks.

Forum agendas are tailored in consultation with CIE’s various Advisory Committees. These Committees are made up of board members and senior executives from some of Australia’s leading funds. CIE also leverages its global network of specialist speakers and practitioners to ensure forum topics are relevant, current, leading edge and thought-provoking.

We ensure that the attendees at CIE forums are key decision makers within the Funds Industry. At each of CIE’s investment forums participant numbers are limited to maintain their quality standards and to ensure that knowledge is transferred efficiently and effectively.

Seating arrangements at CIE investment forums are structured and carefully planned to support networking and effective information sharing between delegates. To maximise networking opportunities CIE alternate seating arrangements throughout the day and during the evenings. This ensures that delegates have the opportunity to meet their peers and exchange knowledge thereby helping to facilitate industry best practice. We also ensure that the number of superannuation fund delegates in attendance at CIE’s investment forums always exceeds that of fund managers, asset consultants and others attending.

CIE enforces a “no marketing” rule at its investment forums when presentations are made and ensure that the research presented is of the highest calibre, challenging delegates to think beyond the constraints of mainstream ideas. This is done to maintain an environment conducive to knowledge sharing and thought leadership. CIE’s team of analysts work closely with presenters in generating innovative ideas and ensure that content is thought leading and highly relevant to the audience. CIE’s focus on thought leadership, education and the interactive nature of forum delivery is strongly endorsed by delegates.