Investment Forum iPads

At CIE we pride ourselves on remaining timely and relevant. We have decided to move away from the traditional, paper based material format and are delighted to now present our forum materials digitally, on the iPad.

Following thorough research, we are certain that the new digital format of our forums will improve functionality and convenience for our delegates, whilst also reducing our carbon footprint and the impact we have on the environment.

As part of this shift, we have eliminated the CIE forum binder which typically contained all the materials used throughout the duration of our forums in hard copy. This has been replaced with an iPad and an accompanying application, specifically developed by CIE for the purposes of CIE forums. The application comes pre-loaded on the iPads our delegates receive and enables them to access all forum  materials electronically, including presentations, papers, delegate information, upcoming CIE events and more.

Moving to a digital platform also offers other benefits to delegates and CIE. Being mindful of our environmental impact, we are now able to reduce printing and paper wastage in delivering our services. Further to this, we are able to easily update content, ensuring that it is current and responsive to the rapidly changing global economic environment. Having the content on an iPad enables mobility of information in a lightweight and easily transportable device, whilst giving delegates greater interactivity and connectivity, at the same time.

The CIE iPad Application replaces the printed binder found at previous CIE Investment Forums