E – Learning Module

Basic Investment Principles – Module 1

To further enhance  your investment expertise you need to have a solid understanding of basic investment principles. This module does just that! Within this module we demystify jargon and explore critical principles required in prudent decision making regarding investments.

The Basic Investment Principles module is made up of three core segments. These segments and underlying topics are:

1: The Context
• Concepts, language and jargon
• Investment basics, including identifying aims and objectives
• Basics of return vs. risk
• Identifying your risk profile
• Understanding a risk process and mitigation strategies
• The power of diversification
• Basic of Modern Portfolio Theory
• Concepts of Dollar Cost Averaging and Compounding
• Short 10 question quiz

2: Asset Allocation & Asset Classes
• Asset allocation theory and practice
• Understanding Asset Classes
• Growth vs defensive strategies
• Asset Class characteristics
• Information on major Asset Classes: Cash, Fixed Interest (including Bonds), Shares (Listed vs. Unlisted) and Property
• Short 10 question quiz

3: Investment Roundup
• How to invest
• Indices or benchmarking performance
• Types of managers
• Taxes and fees
• Golden rules of investing
• Short 10 question quiz

At the end of each section you can self test your knowledge by completing a short online quiz.

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