CIE Module Slide Player


Each E-Learning module is made up of a number of slides and audio visual files. The CIE module slide player has been designed with simplicity in mind. Our unique slide player controls and features are explained here. If you have any questions please contact us.

Slide Player
The CIE slide player will look like this:

We have set up the slide transition so that you are in complete control. You can use the navigation panel at the bottom of the CIE slide player to pause, rewind or fast forward the presentation at any time.

You can also progress each slide by clicking on the link contained under the Outline or Thumbnails tab in the navigation side panel. The navigation side panel panel has the following tabs:

Full Screen
You can view the presentation in ‘full screen mode anytime by clicking on the full screen button in the top right hand corner:

Screen Modes
You can view the slides in three different modes: Advanced, Wide and Mini. They can be applied by clicking a square box in the right bottom corner of the slide player screen.

Ink Annotation Tool
The CIE E – Learning slide player allows you to use online tools like a Pen, Highlighter or Eraser just like you would if you were in a class environment. These tools can sometimes help you with the recall of information. They are available by clicking a pen sign.

Sound Volume Control
You can also control the sound right within the CIE E – Learning slide player. Just click a horn sign and you will see a volume level control that gets regulated by dragging a cursor up and down. Remember to adjust your volume to suit your preferred listening level.

As an added security feature, the E-learning module presentation will ‘timeout’ after one hour of inactivity. In other words if you do not click a key or there is no activity recorded for that period of time, the module will close and you will receive a message advising that the session has timed out. You can log back in and complete the module at any time during your subscription period.

Self Test
At the end of each major section within a module we will have a short quiz to help you test your learning to that point. Quiz results will only be made available to the subscriber of the module. These results will be made available immediately after completing the quiz.